Good News

Today we’re very pleased to congratulate Cimarron contributor, Elisabeth Murawski, whose chapbook, Still Life with Timex, has won the Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize. A memorial to her youngest son, Alexander Evans, it will be published early next year by Texas Review Press. 

Our Pushcart Nominations

We’re very pleased to announce the following nominations for next year’s Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses. Congrats to all our nominees; we’re thrilled to champion their fine work.

Alexis Sears’ “Intimacy” (poetry)

Jill Neimark’s “Rosary of Q-Tips” (poetry)

Steven Wingate’s “Scumbags” (fiction)

Andrew Geyer’s “So Many Lovely Lies: A Study of Irony in 7 Quotations, 2 ½ Suicides, and 1 Broken Heart” (fiction)

Caroline Sutton’s “Life Inside” (nonfiction)

Victor Yang’s “Damien” (nonfiction)